Product Details

How to use

To ski on the surface of the water, start slow and pick a speed where you feel comfortable (we recommend a maximum of 14 Knots, or around 16MPH. Your biceps should be flexed and your upper body completely on top of the board (see picture for reference).

For diving, you should switch from the skiing position to stretching your arms out in front of you, where your forearms are resting on the foam padding and secured by the side edges. (see picture for reference). For this, we recommend a maximum speed of 4 Knots, or around 5MPH.


Skimer Board Components

  • The body of the board is made of super resistant polyethylene.
  • The elbow guards are EVA foam for comfort.
  • On the lower part of the board, there is a polycarbonate visor for underneath viewing as you dive, ski or snorkel.
  • On the underside, there are fin inserts for regular surfboard fins in order to give you an even better maneuverability while bodyboarding. DO NOT USE WHEN BEING TOWED.
  • The handles are rubber coated on top for extra comfort and designed with hand ergonomics in mind.
  • They are also attached to the board by a stainless steel plate and pin.
  • The towing rope is made out of polyethylene with safety colors (black and yellow). It floats and is easy to be seen by the user and operator of the boat.


Our quick release system works as follows

Hold the Pin and the end of the towing rope. Feed the pin through the hole. Pull down on the spring and then feed the pin into the hole directly next to the pin. (see pictures below)


Extra information

The Skimer Board is easy to use, you ski in the prone position, no balance needed. ​ Anyone is able to use it due to its simple and intuitive maneuverability.

The Skimer Board is small and fits anywhere on a boat. It is also easy to load or carry on your jetski.

When you remove the towing cables, you can surf the waves, without being towed, like a bodyboard would but with a lot more maneuverability.

You can submerge it underwater and dive as if you were riding on the back of a dolphin.

You can use it as a support platform for snorkeling due to its buoyancy when not pulled.

Pulled by a boat or Jet ski, it doesn’t require much power because the speeds are 14 knots (~= 25 Km/h) on the surface and 4 knots (~= 7 km/h) to submerge.

It comes ready for use right out of the box.

Dimensions of the board: 80cm X 56cm X 19cm.

Weight of board: 8.8Lbs.


What is included

When you purchase the Skimer Board, the box includes the board itself, a 65ft long tow cable, our leash, our patented quick release system, and our printed manual. If you ever misplace the manual or don’t want to carry it, it is available below for download as well.


Download the user guide.