If you would like to try out the Skimer Board, and the feeling of flying underwater before deciding on your purchase, we have partners that offer Skimer Board as a part of their services listed below!

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Watch the Skimer Board at Vivant HERE

"A product that meets both the desires of our customers who want excitement and those who want to experience a water sport for the first time. Very versatile and safe!"(Adrian Meusburgues, VivantSP - Represa de Guarapiranga, SP)

Watch the Skimer Board used at SkyZimba HERE

"The Skimer Board came to add a lot to our Cable Park, some people with mobility difficulties and children sometimes cannot participate, now fun is guaranteed for everyone! One of the most sought after equipment in our wakeboard park, both for its ease of control and safety, come check it out!"(Samuel Kirst, SkyZimba Cable park - Imbituba, SC)

Watch the Skimer Board used at PlanaSurf HERE

"One of the great advantages of the Skimer Board is its buoyancy, many tourists do not have much experience with the water, so it gives more security to those people who often do not even dive, but are watching the seabed through it being pulled to the surface. Many don't know how to use a mask or Snorkel so with its buoyancy it's already a great feeling to be towed without having to put your head in the water. In the end, they all come out of the water very happy!"(Leonardo M. Suarez, Empresa Plana Surf - Rio de Janeiro​, RJ)