Background & Awards

The Skimer Board was developed in a university project to create an inclusive, and multifunctional watersport that could be accessorized for future uses and still light and portable. The main idea was to harness the designer's passion for the ocean and aquatic experience into a single product.

Today, in the United States and Brazil, with product patents in both countries, we are working hard so that everyone knows that the Skimer Board exists.

Based upon the shape of the Manta Ray, the Skimer Board is admired by many water aficionados worldwide, for its complex, safe, and hydrodynamic design. Each part of the Skimer Board, from its shape to the materials, is made to further the riding experience!

Our goal is to make sure every water vessel worldwide has an onboard Skimer Board for sport, leisure, and other soon-to-be-emerged functions.

Below are the prizes that the Skimer board has already been awarded: