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Fun for the whole family

Discover the Skimer Board

Four Functions

1. Ski on the water - Water skiing developed for a new sport practice, where the skier makes the maneuvers lying down as a bodyboarder, while being pulled by a Jet-Ski or at a Cable Park.

2. Ski underwater - You can also submerge in the water, simulating a ride on an aquatic animal, such as a Manta Ray, in which the body shape was inspired by. There is an incredible feeling while being pulled by a Speedboat or Jet-Ski.

3 - Wave surfing - It has fin boxes where fins can be attached to, same as the ones used in surfboards.

4 - Snorkeling - Due to its buoyancy, it also serves as a support platform for snorkeling.

Premium Features

About Ilunga

Ilunga Innovative Products, LLC started with a partnership between a competent designer and inventor, who is in love with water sports, and a visionary investor that saw the potential of scaling the commercialization of the Skimer Board to the open water enthusiasts in the U.S.